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Who We Help

The Timothy J. Piazza Memorial Foundation provides help for children and adults who need prosthesis.  A prosthesis is an artificial body part and people with a limb difference often wear a prosthesis to replace all or part of an arm, leg, hand or foot. Children tend to need prosthesis either due to a congenital defect that has left them without a limb or necessary amputation due to diseases or an accident. A prosthesis is used to replace the function of the missing limb and/or is used for cosmetic reasons.  Children need special attention and rehabilitation, and they need a change of socket every year to accord with their growing bodies till they are eighteen.  A prosthesis can help a child who has lost a limb to have a perfectly happy and active childhood.

As a small, locally based charity, we give directly to patients needing a prosthesis.  Your donations will have a direct and profound impact local children and adults in need.

The Timothy J. Piazza Memorial Foundation also provides money for college scholarships for students at Hunterdon Central High School

Do you know someone who needs our help?  Please let us know below.

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